Junior HR Associate
Junior Finance Associate Certification Course
After completion of the training the trainees will be able to analyze/assess financial data and prepare various reports/statements and maintain endowment accounts and reconcile ledgers.
Eligibility Criteria For Junior HR Associate
Eligibility For Junior HR Associate Course :
  • Any Graduate / Any Post Graduate Students
  • Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters, Enterpreneurs, Affiliate HR
Basic Accounting Principles
  • Understanding the need for accounts, basic accounting books and reconciliation of cashbook with bank records.
  • Prepare Receipts & payments account, Income and Expenditure accounts. Elements of banking and insurance.
  • Income tax, Provident fund rules.
Financial Analysis
  • Understand the overview of regulatory system of accounting, group accounts and basic consolidation of accounts.
  • Analyze different methods of investment in associates, different forms of joint venture, bonus issue of capital and capital reduction and impact of currency translation.
Accounting – Performance Analysis
  • How to read balance sheet, Preparation of profit and loss account, Annual balance sheet account and cashbook ratio analysis.
Knowledge of SEBI rules
  • Knowledge of Composite statement, common size statement, Trade analysis, CVP analysis.
International Finance, Economics & Forex Trade
  • Basic idea of the processes of quoting in the spot and forward markets or through! Swaps. What are the risks Involved, and how to make profit from this volatile market
  • Develop an understanding for evaluation of a project. Cash flow determination, and determination of cost of capital, access to foreign financial structure of multinational group and capital structure for foreign subsidiaries
Economics of investment Analysis and Portfolio Analysis
  • Evaluate the intricacies of the securities market, capital market and their analysis from the investor's point of view.
  • Understand the process of making Fundamental Analysis and Technical analysis of the market, along with the industry analysis.
Company Law
  • Understanding the Nature of the Company, Usefulness of a Company, the procedure to form a company, the contents of the Agreement forming the Company the practical aspects of company formation.
Business Law
  • Comprehend different ways in Which membership can be acquired: the, concept of owner's capital and how it’s raised in a company, how to conduct meetings and legal requirements of Company Meetings.
Soft skill
  • Decoding body language
  • Power Dressing
  • General Business Etiquette.
  • Self-Motivation.