Commitment to value, Passion for excellence and a keen eye for talent. At Softzeal Technology,these remain our iron clad rules through continuous reinvention in the ways,
we demonstrate our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.


Softzeal Overview

"Quality Engineering" The two words sum up what we at Softzeal Technology continuously aim to achieve and excel at. The defining quality that sets us apart from everyone else in the industry is the unbound passion that we have towards our work and our impeccable work record that speaks for itself and is resonated in the industry we cater to. For us, every new client or a project is a challenge as well as an opportunity to redefine our limits of excellence. An on-going endeavor to bring about commendable changes in the industry has made us the Leaders that we are today. A 360 degree approach in providing training has always been our forte coupled with the vast experience of our team makes us the right choice for businesses. The IT field is one of the most 'happening' areas with new tools and techniques coming up at a fast pace. Understanding the technological mismatch this creates, Softzeal is mandated to update the knowledge and skills of those in the Industry through their courses. The IT sector can be imagined as a triangle with the students, educational institutions and corporate bodies occupying its three corners. Softzeal has been incorporated with the aim of bringing these three distant points closer through academic partnerships, corporate alliances and student placement fairs. The hallmarks of our institute are well-designed, validated courses to bridge the technology gap between academic instruction and Industry requirements and competent, well-trained and informed faculty.